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Hello all Cyber@ditya's visitors... in this post I am sharing a brief info about GPRS with easy questions with answers ..

Question 1:- What is GPRS ?

  Answer:- The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a mobile data service available to mobile phone users. This is basically a service that   allows the mobile subscriber to access data (such as accessing the internet) and transfer data (such as sending a picture message or downloading music) with their mobile phones. Q. How does GPRS work?

 Question 2:- How does GPRS work?
 Answer:-  GPRS allows you to access the internet and transfer data (such as sending a picture or downloading music) with your mobile phone.

 Question3:- How will I access the GPRS service?
 Answer:- Once the service is available, you will be required to visit any of our Econet Shops to activate the service.

 Question4:- What kinds of devices are required for GPRS connectivity?
 Answer:- To use GPRS, you will need:
     •      To be a member of the Econet family.
    •      A mobile phone or computer that supports GPRS.
    •      Your phone to be configured or enabled to use GPRS services.
    •      Your phone to be configured or enabled to use GPRS services.
    •      Knowledge of how to use your specific model of mobile phone.

 Question5:-. What are the features of GPRS?
 Answer:- E-mail
     •    You can now use your mobile phone to send and receive emails.
    •    Internet Browsing (Web Access)      
     •    Accessing the internet.  
 Instant messaging
     •    Similar to text messaging but allows the two people sending and receiving text messages to see each others messages as they are   being typed.    
 Picture Messaging (MMS)
     •     This is an advanced form of SMS text messaging allowing you to send picture images and sound.
     •      GPRS allows large amounts of data to be sent over mobile networks at speeds three to four times greater than the standard dial up    connection.    
Instant Connectivity
     •      GPRS facilitates instant connections whereby information can be sent or received immediately as the need arises, subject to network coverage. No dial-up modem connection is necessary.


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