How to play audio and video file in cmd

Hello friends in my previous post I had shared a cmd trick that how to open a website using CMD 
but now in this post we will learn how to play audio and video file using the cmd.

To Play Audio file follow the below simple steps :-

Step 1:- Open cmd

Step 2:- type the file path name where your song is saved for example in my case I have saved my one of the favorite song in G:\ drive
How to play audio file with cmd || cyberaditya
enjoy the song..

To play a Video file :- follow the Step 1 
and type the video path with its extension ( for ex: .mp4 , .mkv , .mov etc) 
how to play video file with cmd || cyberaditya

in my case I am playing a famous video " why this kolaveri di " 

Note :- typing the file extension is necessary.


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