Important Points to consider before buying laptop

Points to consider before buying a new laptop

Are you planning to buy laptop ? If yes, then this post is helpful for you.
Follow these below simple 5 points.

1) Brand :-

 Most of people believe , that in this cyber world only brand matters just like Apple, Dell etc., It become a status symbol for all the people. But believe me.. Brands.. matter only in "Show off" if you're interested in buying laptop for developing purpose which means if you want to develop Applications in it just like android, windows or any other web applications,just Concentrate on the laptop configuration rather looking for a brand, if your favorite brand satisfies your need ( just like a case DELL for me ) then go for it.
Good Brands also provides better services.

2) Processor :- 

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking to develop applications on your laptop. then processor performance matters a lot for you. Just in case of me, I use to Develop web application from Netbeans and from other IDE, Which consumes or require high processing speed to run without faults.
Unless you're running intensive, threaded applications with regularity, you don't need a quad-core processor and will get more than enough oomph from a current dual-core CPU. We recommend mainstream buyers look for Intel's Core i3 or i5 processors. if you can afford look for i7 processor.

3) Ideal Configuration :- 

Core i3 3rd GEN / 4GB RAM / 500 GB HDD / 15.6" HD LED screen / Intel HD graphic card / 
These are basic Ideal Configuration for me, I know most of the readers will look for more upgraded configuration but more upgraded configuration will also cost more money.
you should look for the configuration that can be updated as per need.

4) Graphics matter (for gaming) :- 

With gaming laptops, spend more on the GPU than CPU.

5) Battery :- 

One of my Facebook Friend told me that his laptop is behaving like a heater. The Reason for this is its battery, So you should check about maximum support Laptop’s batter will give. Standard need is 10 hours or as per usage. Always buy genuine battery from dealer. Don't look for cheaper price because if you buy battery which is made in china, then go to china for repairing laptop :P 

These are the 5 important points that you should consider before buying a new laptop.
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  1. I was planning to buy an effective laptop. My work usually involve photoshop and Adobe after effects. I was still searching on what's the best for me. Your points here were so helpful on my decision making.


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