Journey From Minor Dyslexia to Cyberadiitya

Journey From Minor Dyslexia to cyberaditya

Beware :- This Artical Wont going to teach anything related CyberWorld, Its my Boring Story..
Read at your Own Risk.. Else.. switch to popular post.. :)
Well It has been 11 Months So Far, I purchased my first domain , My blog Isn't gained lots of traffic, So most of you all can't call is successful blog, But I must Say its my successful Blog because it has traveled a hard Journey , Which is " Journey From Minor Dislexia.. to Cyberaditya" 

I was born on 7th July 1993 in Small City of Madhya Pradesh called Marble City " Jabalpur" I started my Schooling Life in St. Aloysius School , You Might me thinking that what's strange in that ?
The Strange Factor is My Life Story is that its Filmy ( Sounds Similar with Taare Zameen Par ) . I suffered from an Disease called Minor Dyslexia whose definition according to wiki is 
"A general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not..." 
I dropped out from school when i was at 4th standard for its cure, all gets cleared and back to normal because of my Mom Counselled and taught me a lot to fight and win against dyslexia , Later I rejoined Aloysius at 5th Standard and this time I am an Below Average Student who suffers from Minor Dyslexia which causes me to learn something with time, I did't have Friends that time, 

later on at 8th class I got the final victory against all the D - terror and -My Father Bought a Computer For me which was ( Core 2 Duo - Compac Presario) or Simply a Black Desktop for me at that time, It contains a Boring Wallpaper of Window xp which i don't like, Neither my Father Knows about computer or Neither any one from my family, I went to one of my freind House to ask him " How to Change Computer Wallpaper" and How to Play Road Rash Game on PC ?
all of them including my good friend Insulted me from their door and Said " Tujhe Wallpaper Change karte nahi aata " and all closed their door , I cried and came back to home. and tried to change the wallpaper by opening and Pressing all the keystrokes from the keyboard.
and that results to the system crash and My father Called the employee to format the computer , he formatted my PC and I Stuck to Watch it without ever getting my eyelids down to learn how he is formatting the PC, I even Learned and Mugged up the Serial Key of Window xp at that time which was " QBQFD-B3RKG-H3GGB-W9KTJ-QQH7W" ,
at the evening i went to my uncle home, and there he was formatting hiss laptop with XP , when i went there he was searching for the Serial Key of XP , I told them plz type "QBQFD-...." which i learned when My PC is formatted , he shocked to see that I knew the CD key even though i don't even know how to change wallpaper,
later on he taught me thee basics of computer such as creating a folder and using the internet ...

After Learning all the basics I joined the Coding Camp for 4 weeks and after attending the camp, i joined AFCEH , which probably most of the hackers didn't consider as an Hacking Course but this course is the turning point of my Life , I went there and I learn lots of things however i didn't learned and mastered Practical there, after attending that course I connected with Many Facebook Groups of Hacking, and also started my website called ( ) which is a free domain site, in this site I use to update simple hacking post, however my site got hacked by the fb group called "Stealthers ", I got Shocked and Happy too .. because this will help me connect the real website hackers from which i can learn and Explore hacking knowledge ( Script Kidde) , I got my First Guru name " Manoj Beckham " he taught me the basics of website hacking such as IIS,DNN,SQLi and i use to hack some Non Indian websites and post them on the fb hacking grps, there i Got many contacts who are hackers..

What it helped me ? 

It helped me to connect with thousands of IT Professionals , 
Helped me to Become Independent ( In Terms of Money )
Gave me Fame ( Not Big .. but Satisfactory )
One of the People in the Google List :) ( My favorite)
Google Result : cyberaditya

What's Next ?

Firstly I am working on to become good Developer , and I want to become and to be popularly known as One of the Best Hacker ( Good One). 

Well Sorry to Bore You all from my boring Biography of my life :P
But anyways I would Like to thanks one By One Each Individuals who taught to something and Results in term of cyberaditya :)

1) My Mom..

2) Uncle who taught me the basics of Computer :- Rajesh uncle 
3) The People who taught me Simple hacking :- Manoj Bekham ( Manoj Nath) , Avinash Mohite 
4) The person who inspired me to Create my Own Blog :- Saurav Modak ( Founder, Gaurav Singh (founder Verloop)
5) and all the people who are helping me to learn new things day by day...

Its My life... hope I didn't Bored you much.. 
PS :-  RIP English ( But consider feelings ) 


  1. First I want 2 tell you, I am ur fb fan :) ...Secondly ur Life's Biography is not Boring atleast for me:p
    I am feeling i am just reading a 'Novel' or 'Biography of Successful Person' ...ur writing skill is good :)

  2. ur Life story is a inspiring story for everyone...Thanks for sharing with us :)!!!

  3. Hey Aditya what r u writing on ur blog? "Its my Boring Story".
    I dont see anything boring in this post.
    However, Nice inspiring real story.
    Just keep it up..Good luck for ur next cyber journey.

  4. Aditya Sir it is very inspirational story of your life and all the best sir for the successfull journey of your life....:)

  5. Itni bhi buri nahi thhi :P :v

    1. Thanks Anonymous Bhai :P
      Iska matlab aapne puri story read ki :D

  6. I have my son Named Aditya ($.5 year old), Though he is very creative and intelligent but have some what problem similar to you. Your story inspired me very much.

  7. hmm padhni padhi :P :p legends have to struggle dude it's just a matter of time :) keep faith in yourself and one day time will change from bad days to good days.... :D :D
    best of luck :D

    1. Thanks Anonymous.. bRo.. Dil Khush kar diya.. :D

    2. Bro. kuch jyada hi smilies dikh rahe he wese :D

  8. true example of real devotion 2 learn sumthng and having a passion 2 achieve watever u wish.!! :) (y)

  9. Make Correction -"Its Not Boring" Its like a Biography of a Successful Person
    All the Very Best , I wish 1 Day you will become successful (y)

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  11. I see you struggled a lot in life before. But now its over. All the best for the future


  12. Thanks for sharing ur inspiring life story.
    I individually learn a lot from ur life story.. :)

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  14. kya baat hai londe tu aur teri story toh famous ho gayi...... :P

  15. Hat's off sir ..... rEally inspiring !!!

  16. Happy for you bro.. Really well done ! Keep going and give it all you got !There is light at the end of the tunnel


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