How to check whether the email you received is Real OR Fake ?

Hello friends, today I am sharing a very useful trick to check whether the Email you received is REAL or FAKE. I think many of you had received a mail which offering you a lottery or Job from the names like William George etc... but these are fake mail to attract the victim to transfer some money to the senders A/C ..

 when I was at class 8th I got the email from William George offering me a lottery of $10million , after reading that I am on top of the world imagining myself in sports car :P and have a huge bungalow :P
but after consulting from my uncle I get shocked :( that the email I got is fake.. 
but any ways thanks to fake mailer William , because of him I have a interest in Cyber world from class 8 and from 9th class onward I able to send the fake mails to any one :P
How to check whether the email you received is Real OR Fake ? 
Simple steps to check whether the email you received is real or fake :-
I am taking an example of email which I got from my friend Nishant Gautam 
mail from my friend Nishant || real or fake ??
if you want to check its actual source click on show original as mentioned in below picture
How to check email is fake or real 

the source will look like that 
Real mail source || cyberaditya

check the line " Recieved: from ( that means its real ) 
so the mail I received is real mail not a fake mail .

Consider another email 

Its look similar as of previous but it is a fake mail 

How to check whether the email you received is Real OR Fake ? 

click on show original 
How to check whether the email you received is Real OR Fake ? 

the source will open

Fake mail Source || cyberaditya 

Check the line 

Received From : (since its not from therefore its a fake mail which looks same as Previous Real mail.

These are the simple steps to check whether the mail you got is Real or fake !

Please share this post with your friends to aware them from email spoofing.
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  1. Nice points :) also, filters/ rules can be set for the mail server so that next time such issues don't pop up. Nice blog you have :)

  2. Oh wow dude what a post nice :)

  3. This is awesome, it's so useful since more and more we get emails that look like they are legit but they are just scams... thanks so much for taking the time to share this.

  4. well done sir ....... i m new 2 ur blog ...... its reslly gr8 !!!


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