Tips to protect your facebook account from being hacked

Tips to secure you facebook account from being hacked || cyber@ditya

Hello Cyber@ditya's visitors as we all know facebook is now become our one of the most important part of our cyber life.. :P
so preventing our Facebook account from hackers is better than to regret and unsafe,, below are some very useful tips to secure your Facebook account from being hacked

do not use facebook from cyber cafe and from wifi of others...

           try to reduce or stop using facebook from remote area cyber cafe and from other wi-fi because it can contain Keylogers ( these are those programs or softwares which record all your keystrokes ) 

Change your password in every 10 -15 days
             try to change your account psswd in every 10 to 15 days and do not use password as your mobile number ,date of birth,your own name etc.,.

Connect your mobile with facebook
       facebook has a very good feature to update and see post with the facebook mobile.. subscribe your mobile and if the psswd is changed or login by another computer than you will receive a msg from facebook team.

Facebook asks your facebook username and password only when you log in to it. They won’t ask it to you through mail – If you get any such mail, make sure that they are dumped in your spam folder

Newer give your Email account an password to any other site and if it is redirecting make sure that it is redirecting only to Facebook .com

Newer use application which want your password for verification

Never click on any suspecious links sent to you by strangers, even if you have a short term online relation with him/her (most probably, that will be a her 

do not click on any unsafe video link . Remember that these kind of uncultured / unscientific / unnatural words or posts are originated as a result of some malware codes and your friend may be a victim of such an attack. Try to keep away from such links or posts

these are some very useful tips which can secure your Facebook account from being hacked plz.. follow my blog on facebook and twitter if u liked it ..thanks ..


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