How to Check My PC is Hacked or Not

How to Know Whether My PC is Hacked or Not ?

How to Check My computer is Hacked or Not ?

A simple check that will help you to identify that your computer is hacked or not....without installation of any software...

Go through the following steps

If you are a dial up user then you use a modem either internal or external kind to get online. If you have an external modem then this tip is easy. If you look at the modem you’ll see lights on the front of it. When you’re doing anything on the net you’ll notice lights blinking that indicate that you are Sending Data, and Receiving
Data. Depending on how often the lights blink and how fast they blink gives a rough idea of how much activity is going on between your computer and the net. Here’s where a little perception comes into play. If you are
connected to the internet, and are just sitting by your system doing absolutely nothing, those lights have no business to be blinking rapidly. They will flash periodically indicating it’s checking it’s connectivity, however there should be no heavy data transfer of any kind if you are not doing anything on the net.

For Example: If you have your email program open and you are just sitting there reading your mail, you may notice that every 15 sometimes 20 mins that the lights will blink back and forth indicating it’s sending and receiving data. This is normal because chances are you have your email program configured to check
your mail every 20 mins. If by chance you notice the lights on your modem is blinking consistently for let’s say a period of 2mins non stop be extremely suspicious. If you have an internal modem, you will not be able to see the
lights on your modem, instead you can rely on the two tv looking icons at the bottom right corner of your screen near the clock. Any data being sent and received will be noticed by the blinking of the lights rapidly.

Now ,How do you know what’s going on?

Let’s do a short exercise.

• Click Start
• Go to Run (Click Run)
• Type Command
• Click OK

Once you have this screen type the following:

• Netstat –a

This command will give you a listing of everything your computer is communicating with online currently. The list you get will look something like this:

How to Check whether my computer is hacked or Not

You’ll see a variety of listings like the above. It will give you the Protocal being used, the local address (your computer) and what port on your computer the “Foreign Address” is being connected to and the (State) of which the (Foreign Address) is. For example if it is (Established) then that means whatever the foreign address says is currently connected to your machine.

Now if you ever have any doubt regarding the computer is being hacked or not..You can easily Identify......

so it necessary for you to pay attention to such types of things.


  1. Simple Easy Explanation Dude ! Thanks

  2. What about mac os? Thanks for sharing this.

  3. i think its too hard to know that who is accessing my pc but know i m able to know just becoz of you sir.


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