What is Cyber Security Expert ??

What is a Cyber Security Expert? 

A cyber security expert can be defined as a person focused on the branch of IT security dealing with information technology and the protection of data and systems in networks that are connected to the Internet. A cyber security expert must have skills in vulnerability assessment, information systems monitoring, incident response, and securing information systems that are connected to the Internet. Cyber security experts must have the ability to prevent, defend, detect, and respond to cyber attacks and threats. 
Roles For The Cyber Security Expert 
The number of roles for cyber security professionals is increasing; some of these job roles include: 
• Cyber Intelligence Analyst 
• Cyber Policy Analyst 
• Cyber Operations Planner 
• Cyber Operations Professional 
• Cyber Business Professional 
• Cyber Intel Specialist 
• Cyber Compliance Analyst 
• Cyber Software Engineer 
• Cyber Security Engineer 
• Cyber Forensic Specialist 
• Cyber Response Specialist

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