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              Computer Programmer

A computer programmer creates or “writes” computer programs, software and the likes. These programs perform specific commands and functions. However, the conceptualization and the specification of the program are not directly done by the computer programmer but by the software engineer. Software engineers work hand in hand with the computer programmer in order to create programs that will ease the use of computers.

How to Become a Computer Programmer

Finishing a college degree on computers science or from Information Technology  is an essential first step. It is also an option after finishing a degree in mathematics and information system. After this, one can choose to apply for an internship at software development companies who are in need of competent computer programming professionals. In some cases, some of the programmers take course work with Comp. Sci. while they are finishing their degree in business, finance and accounting. This earns them an associate degree or programming certification in addition to their college degree.

Types, Description, Information

There are 2 major types of computer programmers. The first one is the application programmer. The role of an application programmer is to enhance or sometimes develop applications for a specific function given by a company. One good example for this is an application for handling financial data. The other major type of programmer is the systems programmers. The task of the system programmer covers a wide range. The most common task of this type of programmer is to develop computer networks and systems.
The computer programmer is tasked with creating the software and choosing programming language to be used. The tasks of the computer programmer are wide and diverse. The programmer is responsible for creating computer software analysis, encoding and other software development procedures.
Experience and good programming skills are valued in this kind of career, particularly with programming languages and tools like Java and C++. Continuous training and attending of seminars is also needed in order to keep up with the ever-changing computer technology.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

This kind of career is fit for people who have a degree on computer programming. This is because a graduate of a computer-related course will have an edge on this career. To be truly qualified for this position, a person should have knowledge and expertise on computer language development and the tools and skills to create computer programs that are functional and useful.

School, College and Universities

There are many schools and universities offering this kind of degree. All of the courses offered are tailored in such a way that the student will have the proper skills and knowledge in this kind of career upon graduation. School and universities offering computer-programming courses are:
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