how to run c++ in window 7 ?

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in my previous post i told u that what are the basic points that are to be remembered while buying a mobile :)
but now in this post i will show u how to run c++ in window 7
likewise in window xp it is easy to run c++ but in windows7 it is pritty tough :(

but dont worry i will show u some easy steps that how to do that :)

first download Turbo C software from here

and install in on c drive
after installing turbo c

open 'cmd' ( press window+r then type cmd and press enter)

a cmd screen apear
then u need to change the directory.
cd c:\tc\bin
then press enter 
then type 

tc basic1.c to open c++ input panel
then input panel will appear

then type ur program 

after typing ur programm compile and run it

congrats u runed ur 1st program 
go ahead 
learn and become master in it :)

best of luck....
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