Jabalpur Boy Developed a New Social Networking Site

Harsh Dubey :- Founder Flipmyprice.com

Hello Everyone, As we all Know that Social Networking Sites Such as Facebook , Twitter created a Huge Impact in the cyber world, it has also been said that the Total Population on these Social Networking Sites are More than  the actual Population..  
It has become our part of Life, what is Happening ? How is Happening ? where are you  ?

all are shared on these site.. 
Some Famous Anonymous Said that :- If you want to Do Big Than Try New and Different thing.. 

well there are Dozens of Social Networking Sites Before Facebook But Fb makes there Brand Impact..

Inspired By Mark Zuckerberg Site Facebook an Engineering Student of Global Engineering College Jabalpur  , Harsh Dubey Developed a New Social Networking Site which is Different from Facebook but Coded in the Same Language in which FB has Developed i.e., PHP.

Website Name :- http://flipmyprice.com/

Interview of Harsh Dubey by Cyber@ditya.in

Q1 :-  Is this your First Interview ?

Ans :- Yes 1st and will be most memorable....!

Q2:- How long You have been Worked in this Site ?

Ans :- -Almost 4 months(Or i can say 2 decades coz that time was too long for me).

Q3:- What Language it had been Coded in ?

Ans:- P.H.P. as i don't know anything else so much.

Q4:- How this Site is Different from Other Social Networking Site ?

Ans :- I am trying to add a random chat box in it which will connect you with a person with same interests as you have.
so that you will be engaged with a new one daily.

Q5:- Do you have Any Team ?

Ans:-May be i will have one

Q6. What's Next ? Will you Expand this Site Further More ?

Ans:- Yes first of all i will choose a catchy name for it.

/*After Interview :
Bhai bada proud feel kr rha hu maakasam..


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