Enable/Disable Write Protection Mode in SD Cards

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Today We will Learn How to  Enable/Disable Write Protection mode in SD memory card it can be easily done by following certain simple steps

Method 1 :-  Check The Switch

SD Cards have a physical switch on the side of them which sets the write protection of the card. If the write protect switch is in the locked position, then it will not be possible to write to the card. It will, however, be possible to read the photographs from the card if they are already there.

Mini and Micro SD cards do not feature a switch, however, when they are placed in the SD card adaptor to fit into your computer, there is a lock switch. Some people mistakenly believe that this is to lock the card in position, however, this is actually a write protect switch. When using the adapter, you shouldn't touch the switch.
This is how it look like

Toggle the yellow switch to lock or unlock the card

Method 2 :-

In this method you need to open Command Prompt in Windows and in the cmd type the following commands.

1st :- diskpart
2nd:- list disk
3rd:- select disk 1 ( Your Memory card or Pendrive)
4th:- attributes disk clear readonly

/* This will disable the write protection mode */
If you want to Enable write protection use

attributes disk set readonly


  1. Recently My Sony Cybershot displayed an error message that, : " Memory Card Write Protected". after reading your Post its solved , Thanks for Helping me, Good Luck

    1. Its good that your problem is solved :)


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