Lock your PC with Pendrive


Lock your Computer with Pendrive

Hello Everybody, Computer Security is indeed to be issue of concern ,which affect not only the people of Board room across the globe but also for the common users, who uses the computer just for entertainment and for educational purposes , However Privacy remains constant either you are using for entertainment or for an educational purposes, 

Most of the software's are available on the internet which can lock  your drive ( eg. Bitlocker) or folder to save your data from our close ones. But today I am sharing one of the software which can lock your whole PC with Pendrive, It can make your Pendrive as a Key to lock and reopen the PC for further use.

Download the PREDATOR software which can lock your computer, and it will lock until the PD is reinserted.

If you removed USB from computer , Mouse and Key board will get disabled automatically and screen will get dark. To unlock the computer, you should insert the USB again.

Download the PREDATOR

Now install the software.

Predator will launch automatically after the installation.

Now insert USB to the computer
you will get a message to set new password.
click on OK and set your New password
Then Choose the correct Drive letter from "USB Key Drive"

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  1. From many days i was searching on the internet about the new techniques to lock my computer other than by providing password in it, Thanks for sharing very useful trick .. and btw your blog is very good !

    1. Thank you sir, For your such kind of encouraging comment ..:)

  2. Fantastic article on computer security.Thanks buddy to share,it help me to save my data from my bestiesss.... :-)


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