Does HyperThreading speed-up your computer?

Does HyperThreading speed-up your computer?

does HyperThreading Speed-up my computer ?
Hyper Threading Technology or HTT is a technology developed by Intel to improve the performance of its microprocessors using simultaneous multithreading. Processors with HT technology surpass processors using the superthreading technology in
terms of performance. HTT can beseen in Intel’s Xeon, Pentium 4 and Atom processors. HTT improves the processors performance by providing work for a process, that would usually be idle.

A processor with HTT is treated as two processors by the operating
system. However, if the operating system does not support HTT it
basically acts a normal processor without HTT. For example, Windows 2000 supports multiple processors, but does not support HTT.

The advantages of HTT over older technologies are massive. The
advantages include better support for multithreading, and improved
response times of the processor. Intel claims that there is atleast a 30% overall increase in the performance over the non-HTT processors. All in all, HTT results in effi cient multi-tasking, secure and effi cient running of the system, faster program response times, and a better gaming and multimedia experience.


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