Why Bloggers Quit Blogging ?

Why Bloggers Quit Blogging ?
Blogging is a new way to communicate and collaborate with the world. With Blogging a person can Broadcast his views, opinions, thoughts Knowledge and much more... to all over the world and make impact of it ...many blogging platforms like BlogSpot  and wordpress Produces Millions of blogs within the year and boom the world with the power of Blogging
Blogger start their blog with the hope of having lots of quick money and fame quickly; but almost 80% of blogger quit blogging with 2-3 months of their start and another 10% quit blogging within six months.
Many blogs are of Technology content and provide the news on technology and also the solutions to it
When I entered in the blogging world I was very excited and happy ... because it gives me fame and i got my new name which is cyber@ditya but the excitement and enthusiasm came down L as the time goes up...the reasons is  because of following reasons :--

Reason 1 :-Blogging is just for earning money :- as the time goes up i started blggong just for earning money not for fame and rank .. many blogger came to that situation where they only just want to earn money . But they don’t know that if there blog fame and rank went down they wont able to earn much money .. This happens with almost 60% bloggers , they all started blogging just to earn money ,,

Reason 2:-Lack of confidence and patience – This is a bitter truth about blogging that in starting you will face a lot of competition and you will see a lots of ups and down as well. If you don’t have confidence that you can compete with rest of the bloggers in your content  then is better to quit blogging because its  not for you.

Lack of Patience  – Blogging need patience ,, because its not possible to get traffic within a day you must have a patience  for your traffic..
Every new blogger thinks that he/she is perfect and whatever he/she is writing is perfect and they want the perfect results but quickly and this is the main reason that they quit blogging very soon. Blogging is not for those people who think that they are perfect; blogging is for those who are ready to do lots of continuous effort in making their blog and writing perfect.

Reason 3:-My Every post is perfect – Most of the new blogger thinks that their every post is unique, complete, full of information and it will bring lots of traffic and money to their blog but reality is something different. They post the article and waiting for the visitor to come, after some time they start getting frustrate of this response and quickly lost the interest from blogging. Every search engine has their logic to put a URL in first page and new blogger’s should accept this reality.

Reason 4:-Choosing a wrong content – When you think to start a blog there are lots of ideas in your mind and you think that you knows a lots of things, and then you pick one topic and start writing about that. After 1-2 months you starting to feel that now you are running short of new ideas about your topic. Reason is before choosing the topic you didn’t do a proper research on the topic and it leads you to running short of new ideas.
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