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Its to much irritating to use slow computer while your work is more urgent than watching a cursor cycle. So do not worry make your computer faster by performing some simple steps which usually I follow to speed up my PC..

STEP 1:- Remove all the viruses such as Spyware and Trojan

Viruses are computer programs which loves computer to restrict the computer performance there are many computer lovers available on the internet but simple advice to remove all is to use an antivirus generally an antivirus company itself creates several forms of virus so that there product get sale and give profit to there company, if you can not afford a genuine purchased antivirus than no problem try the free anti viruses available on the net such as MSE ( Microsoft Security Essential ) , Kaspersky etc...

STEP 2:- Clean up you disk

It doesn't mean that you should clean your Hard disk with a cloth :P
there are many software's of Disk Clean-up available on the internet such as Tune up utility, Disk Clean-up pro.. etc which will clean your unwanted disk space and hence boost your PC performance. there is also a inbuilt application available in windows called disk clean up to access it open start-->all programs---> accessories ---> system tools----> Disk Cleanup.

STEP 3:- Delete temporary files

Delete all the temporary files present on your PC to improve system speed because temporary files covers space which reduces your PC speed. To delete Temporary files go to start-->Run-->then type
"%temp%" without quotes and then press enter it will open all the temporary files then select all the temporary files and Delete it.

STEP 4:- De fragment your hard disk

when we delete some files from our computer hard disk some bytes of files still get left and combines to form several megabytes. De fragmentation is the process of removing such files from the hard disk.As windows has provided inbuilt de fragment tool so no need to go for third party.

to de fragment :--

go to --->start--->all programs---> accessories--->system tools--->disk de fragment ---> then select the disk which you want to defrag wait for some hours... because it is very slow process.

STEP 5:- Use Ready boost

ready boost is and excellent software which will boost you PC speed by 1 pen drive download this software and if you are using window 7 then no need to download it. it is already installed in window 7 operating system.

these are some very simple tricks and tips which will increase your system performance  please like and share this post on Facebook, thanks for visiting.


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