how to disable/enable a USB port in windows

How to disable/enable USB port || Cyber @ditya

hello visitors.. today I m going to share simple windows hacking which is useful for college as well as school going student as well as for lab in charge..
As we all know that when we are @ college or @ school when we go to computer lab .. the USB port is dissabled by the admin.. to prevent system from viruses .. but the admin doesnt knows that the students are more smarter..

Step1: In Windows 7  press Windows key+R and type as “regedit
open regedit || Cyber @ditya

Step 2: It will open the Registry Editor of  your Windows 

regedit editor || Cyber @ditya

Step 3: After opening Registry edit browse the following path in reght side bar of registry editor

The Path to go: 


Step4: Then right click the registry “Start” which is rectangled in red color in 

the below screenshot of registry editor
Step 4 || Cyber @ditya

Step:5 Right Click “Start” and Click modify
  • To enable USB ports: change the value from “4″ to “3″
  • To disable USB ports: change the Value for “3″ to “4″

Modify the value || Cyber @ditya

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NOTE :- this post is for Educational Purpose only.. ( never try this @ ur College or School :P )


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