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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is said to the most famous photo editing software. It helps everyone right from novice to experienced photo editors. Most professional designers suggest and recommend using Photoshop to edit photos. It is said to be a software that perfectly helps to cover the mistakes made during capturing photos too. Poor lighting and overexposure are some common mistakes that can be rectified using Adobe Photoshop. Using the tools of Adobe Photoshop your photos might look like a masterpiece. There are lot more options to be explored too. With the usage of tutorials available in various websites, you can start to explore one by one easily.



This particular program is said to have an intuitive user interface. You are allowed to make changes in an unlimited manner and you can also “undo” them if you commit a mistake. There are lots of automatic adjustments that can be made; however, you are also allowed to take control of it on your own too. This software is available for free of cost for windows operating PC’s. You can add unlimited special effects to your images. Various plug-ins are also available in the online community present in their website.

This open source software is said to be gaining more popularity these days. It is said to be one of the most powerful photo-editing software. There are more tutorials available over the internet to learn how to use GIMP photo editing software in the most efficient manner. Retouching photos with GIMP is a pretty easy process to perform. You can do high quality photo editing for free. The interface is said to be somewhat complex in nature, however, it is powerful to enough to be used to edit photos. If you had already used Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to feel that most of the functions of Photoshop are available in GIMP software too.


IrfanView is one photo editing software that helps you to use very minimal resources to edit photos easily. It is pretty compact in nature and offers you with easy keyboard shortcuts too. It also possesses functions such as slideshow creation, batch conversions too. You can also use IrfanView to capture images on the screen easily and also handle more varieties of file types. You can rotate, brighten, crop, sharpen, and resize your photos easily. You can also add hue & saturation effects and text to your images.


This particular free photo editing software is offered by Google Inc. It is said to be one among the top notch photo editing software. You can use it with much ease since the interface is pretty clean in nature. Geo-tagging and web album support are some significant features of Picasa. Picasa helps you to organize the images in a perfect manner. Picasa permits you to blur a particular part of a photo wherein you can increase the intensity and width of the blur effect. You are allowed to post a picture hosted on the website of Picasa albums directly onto your blog too.Personally mine favourite is picasa.

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