10 tips to prevent yourself from being hacked

hello every 1 i m back with my new post :-
in this i will tell u 10 tips to prevent urself from being hacked ....
10 tips to prevent urself from being hacked

Tip 1 :-   Always use the strong password combination :

  • Always use passwords that hard to guess (Mix of digits + letters in Upper case and lower case both) for your all accounts. the longer your password, the better.
  • Never use any common word, your name, spouse, parents, birthdate etc.
  • Explanation 1:

    • Week Passwords and be easily hacked using a Brute Force method which do combination of numbers and letters until the real password comes.
    • Common passwords containing name, birthdate, mobile number etc, that  can be easily guessed by your friends, any known to you.
    note : do not choose too strong psswd that even u cannot remember :P

    Tip 2:- Carefully Click on Links:

    Always Check the links carefully before clicking on that because it may be a phishing page .
    A phishing page is a fake login page that hacker create to steal the victim psswd even of facebook , gmail,yahoo.. that looks exactly same as reall page

     example :- if u see a link send by a unknown person ( usually ur close frnd :P )
               www.fbadminadi.site7.com ( that page was created by mine and seriosly i hacked my many frnds account with that , with there permision.. :P )

    Note :- i too got traped by a phish page from 1 of my cyber frnd called cyberboy..... :P

    Tip 3:- Never Open Email Attachments without scanning:
    • Don’t open any email attachment from any unknown person. And if the person is known then also first scan the email attachment before open or download it.
    Explanation 3:
    • Email Attachments can contain Executable Virus files, that can harm your system. These files usually comes with extension .vbs, .bat, .exe.
    • image files with extension .Jpeg or .gif can also contain virus. Beware, Virus can be integrated with those jpeg files that are also auto executable. As soon as you open the virus infected picture, the virus will be install into your system.
    • Sometimes the file extensions are hided to make you fool.you can get an attachment with .txt extension(as txt files never contain executables) But in actual extension could be .vbs, .exe, .bat etc… check here for eg:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ILOVEYOU
    • Word files, Excel Files can also contail macro viruses, that are very harmfull.
    Tip 4:- Never get Trapped into attractive ads….Download only from reputed Sites.
    • Attractive ads like:
      • Jackpot….”You have won $100000″ , “You are the lucky member today”, “Free recharge”,
      • Free screen-savers, Free wallpaper, Free Mouse Icons, Free Smiles
      • Free computer scan
      • Free Software
    • Don’t download Any software or anything else from just anywhere. Always check for reputed sites then download.
    Explanation :
    • These ads are simply a way to attract you to steal your identity and personal information. As soon as you click on it, the stealers get into your computer.
    • Stealers are that which store all the matter you type including your username, password and send the information to the Hacker. The worst thing is these stealers are not come into notice by your antivirus
    Tip 5:- Surf Internet From a limited User Account.
    • Create a limited user account on your system that does not have administrator rights. and surf web only from that limited account.
    Explanation :
    • As limited Account does not have administrators right. So if anything does get into your system, will cannot change any main functions of your system.
    Tip 6: - Don’t tell Your IP to unknowns. ( usually ur closs frnd.. :P )

    Explanation 6:
    • If you tell your IP to anyone then there may be chance that they can see Files in your system
    Tip 7:- Turn off all java and java scripting by default
    • Turn of java scripting for your browser by default and only enable it for sites that you know you can trust.
    Explanation :-
    • This can change your account details, passwords, and can simply hack you.
    • Recently “Free Recharge Trick” on orkut is an Example of java script. It changes the victims complete profile, join unnecessary communities, leave scrap and comments on pictures of friends, and start a new community topic in forums congaing the Free Recharge trick’s link, to get more people into this trap. See Profile of my one friend on orkut after using java script……

    Tip 8: Never read an unsolicited e-mail
    • Do spam unsolicited emails immediately without opening.
    Explanation :
    • Coz just by opening mail, the sender can know your IP and probably can hack u!!!
    Tip 9: Always use different different passwords
    • Keep Password different for some important account like paypal or any online banking account, other then your social account’s passwords
    • Try to use different passwords for your all accounts.
    Tip 10:- Keep your Antivirus Up to date.

    Explanation :
    • Antivirus updates contains the definitions of Viruses till date. So if you don’t Update it regularly, then there can be chance to get infected your system from a latest coming Virus.
    • info : many antiviruses company themself creates thousands of viruses and releas them to net so that there product got sale .. :P
    Be safe :)
    hope u had readed tips :-
    share this tips with ur non hackers frnd to secure themselfs  ( somehow )
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